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Dixie Air and Heat is an American Standard provider
however we can service all the major HVAC systems

Air Conditioner repairs & new installations

Living in South Georgia, America means we all really need an air conditioning system in our homes. For this reason alone Dixie Air and Heat react as fast as possible because we are an invested company and we carry most working parts in our shop and on our service trucks. We will always do our best to get your system back up and running as fast as we can and will always try and advise homeowners on what should be carried out in the form of a repair. This is because we don’t want our homeowners to have unnecessary expenses trying to keep a unit up and running when a real solution is a new unit.

There’s never a good time for the significant investment of a new AC installation or upgrade however innovations in technology in the last few years have made these units run far more economically so they quickly pay for themselves in energy savings. With the use of these state-of-the-art air conditioning systems from highly regarded manufacturers as Trane and Carrier, you’ll enjoy unprecedented convenience, comfort, and ease of operation. The economy isn’t the only consideration, homeowners now have convenience in the palm of their hand. Energy tracking, filter alerts, maintenance notifications, zoning capability, adaptable speed, and WiFi accessibility are just some of the many features that can significantly improve your home and lifestyle, lower operational costs, and maintain precise comfort.

Dixie Air and Heat create a cool, healthy, and refreshing indoor environment for you to enjoy turning your house into a welcoming home.

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